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Space Explorer  Space Explorer 1.0
Space Explorer 1.0 is an astronomically and physically realistic interactive 3D application for simulating and exploring solar systems just like a real astronaut. Features: * Completely customizable: Create your own solar systems * Simulation of the motions of planets, stars, and the spaceship according to Newton's gravitational law * Travel by conventional and teleportation drive * Take videos or snapshots as you travel
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365 Space Shuttle Screen Saver  365 Space Shuttle Screen Saver 2.1
Join NASA astronauts as they carry out their mission ABOARD THE SPACE SHUTTLE. This space screensaver is loaded with over ASTOUNDING IMAGES images featuring lift offs, space walks, satellite deployments, rendezvous with MIR and the International Space Station, Hubble Space Telescope servicing, landings, and much more. Get some rocket fuel for your mind and gain a new perspective on life! Use any screen saver image AS YOUR DESKTOP BACKGROUND too.
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Air and Space Screensaver  Air and Space Screensaver 2.0
The Free Air and Space Screensaver by ScenicReflections.com displays 75 of some of the most awesome Air and Space themed images you may ever feast your eyes on! Includes wallpaper support. Accompanying this free screensaver are 3 beautiful, full-length, cd-quality musical compositions performed by Cynthia Jordan.
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Exploring Space Screensaver  Exploring Space Screensaver 1.0
The Free Exploring Space Screensaver displays 77 awesome outer space themed images! This screen saver is stellar! The free exploring space screensaver also features three beautiful, full-length, CD-quality musical compositions by Cynthia Jordan. All Scenic Reflections ScreenSavers offer wallpaper support so you can make any of our screensaver images your desktop wallpaper, too.
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flying plane 3d  flying plane 3d 1
A 3d animated plane flying around an astronaut while floating in space.Watch this 3d plane flying on space while rhe earth is visible thousands of kilometers awayWhile an atronaut is floating on space at the back of his space ship.A very cool space screensaver and its totaly free for your desktop.Download and admire this enchanting and amazing flying plane screensaver.
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