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PopularityChecker  PopularityChecker 1.03
PopularityChecker is a link popularity checking program that checks URL's for Google Pagerank, Alexa Traffic Rank and the number of backlinks from other websites. You can add ANY number of URL's for the program to check and it's very easy to use! By using the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista and AlltheWeb, PopularityChecker is able to provide you with the most accurate result possible.
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Domain Search Tool  Domain Search Tool 1.2.8
Find domains with type-in visitors, search engine traffic, backlinks, PageRank, Alexa? rank, whois details and more. It can also auto-appraise domains using user specified formulas, send bulk automated offer e-mails, track your current auctions, monitor important domains, filter incredibly large domain lists and zone files and much, much more. All with full multiple proxy support.
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Google Link Text Tool  Google Link Text Tool 1.0
This tool returns the text of all backlings that are linking to a URL that you specify. It also shows you the URLs of alllinks to your site (according to Google). This is accomplished using a free Google API account which you must get fromGoogle. This is very valuable information because Google heavily weights the link text pointing to your site whendetermining your position in the search engine results. Freeware.
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BackLinks Master  BackLinks Master 1.3
Reciprocal linking is a crucial part of web promotion. But it is also important to check the backlinks to see if they still point to your site, what anchor text they have, are these links direct or indirect, etc. Do all of the above with BackLinks Master. It automatically gathers all the backlinks, checks their status, and more. You can check several URLs and export the info into CSV for further analysis.
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Reciprocal Link Exchange Management Tool  Reciprocal Link Exchange Management Tool
Backlinks checker software monitor reciprocal link on publisher website and notify you by sending email in case of advertized link is not display on publisher webpage, page not found etc. Backlink checker software is very much compatible with windows 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP, Vista operating system installed computer. Backlink SEO tool is use to manage your website link page automatically and you does not have to write any html code for link exchange
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Drupal Blogger  Drupal Blogger Updated
This amazingly simple, professional massive backlink building software will have you landing top search results positions for your website that is relevant, keyword rich, and written precisely to your keyword specific and SEO needs with each new google update! When You Need High Quality Backlinks And Visual Exposure Fast ... "I have never found any other software that produces results on this scale" DOWNLOAD FREE.. for now
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Duplicate Content Software  Duplicate Content Software 1.0
Duplicate Content Software SEO software that checks keyword density and more. Compare two articles side by side for duplicate content and the amount of times a specified keyword or phrase appears. An analysis of your content will be displayed at the bottom of the software. The analysis will display the exact number of keywords that are repeated and the percentage of duplicate content that was found.
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Reciprocal Links Checker Tool  Reciprocal Links Checker Tool
Freeware yahoo backlink checker monitors reciprocal links on various partner websites regularly without much paying attention by user. Software having capability to alert user by sending email in case of any weblink link to your website is removed from given website list. Backlink tracker check reciprocal links 24 hours every day in a week. Freeware back link checker easily works on windows 98, NT, 2000, ME, XP, 2003 and Vista operating system.
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Webmaster Tools  Webmaster Tools 1.0
Webmaster tools this is SEO software that tells number of backlinks in the top five search engines, pagerank, alexa rank and much more. This software can be used to help you determine what niche to target as well as what keywords. Spy on your competion to see how many backlinks they have and what you will need to do to over take them.
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buy_backlinks  buy_backlinks 1.0
http://www.sitefling.com SiteFling makes it easy to Buy Backlinks. They have created a "done for you" version of the 3 most powerful traffic generation methods ever seen on the web. These methods increase website traffic and make people millions of dollars. SiteFling has built a team of highly trained staff to do these powerful methods for you at less than it would cost if you did all the work yourself.
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The Groovytastic Link Maniac  The Groovytastic Link Maniac Version 1
This software called The Groovytastic Link Maniac will help you to check your link popularity and also to spy on your competition. It will find how many liks that you have coming back into your web pages, and which pages carry these links to help you with your search engine placement.
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PR Massacre  PR Massacre 1.0
Still paying for traffic and backlinks? Have PR Massacre do the work for you. Our bot uses custom referrer links to get instant traffic, build backlinks and develop a high Google PageRank.
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Backlink Pro Directory Submitter  Backlink Pro Directory Submitter 1.31
Backlink Pro Directory Submitter is a state of the art linking machine. Here?s what it does in a nutshell: Finds thousands of backlink enabled sites based on the keyword(s) you select. It will Posts links on these sites with any variation of anchor text you choose. Plus, distributes these links in a patented ?slow release? formula. You can get thousands of links overnight or during a period of months. Your choice.
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SEO Service  SEO Service 1.0
SEO service software to help you improve your search engine rankings. Analyze your website's position in Google, Yahoo, MSN and ask. Find out how many backlinks you have for each search engine. View your competitors websites to find out their pagerank and staus with the search engines. This will drastically help you improve your website without using a SEO service.
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GoScorpio Link Pop  GoScorpio Link Pop 1.0
GoScorpio Link Pop will analyze any website for its link popularity, page rank, Google index, and Alexa rankings. Link Pop will check backlinks you have on six major search engines and databases. Also, Link Pop will check the number of pages you have indexed in Google, Yahoo, and MSN. You may also export analyzed data to an excel sheet.
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