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abylon CRYPTDRIVE  abylon CRYPTDRIVE 6.0
Protect your data against illegal access with the abylon CRYPTDRIVE. The encrypted drives (AES- or Blowfish-algorithm) can be open with passwords, chip card, USB-Token, CD or certificate (PKCS) and use like a normal drive in the File Explorer. During every file operation the encryption works transparently in the background and nearly without time delay. In case of losing your notebook, the closed drives are invisible and secure like a safe.
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SecureFile  SecureFile 2.0
SecureFile is an encryption and compression program that allows you to encrypt and decrypt files using symmetric key and asymmetric key mechanism. It creates a self-decryption archive which can be decrypted at the other end without any dependencies. It incorporates powerful Blowfish algorithm and certificate ( public key/ private key ) for the process of encryption and decryption.It supports secure file deleting and backup of encrypted files
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Advanced Encryption Package 2006  Advanced Encryption Package 2006 4.5.5
AEP2006's most noteworthy feature may be its flexibility and military grade encryption: Not only can you encrypt files for your own protection but you can easily create "self-decrypting" versions of your files that others can run witthout needing AEP2006. The program includes a file shredder that wipes the contents of your original files. Complete support for .zip archives. Skinnable interface (+12 skins)! Complete Command Line Interface support.
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  CHAOS For Security 2.9
Encrypt and compress individual files and folders. Drag and Drop support. CHAOS for security of your secrets.
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Secure Network Chat  Secure Network Chat 2.6.43
Secure Network Chat (SNC) - is a text chat able to solve all the problems in communication between your company staff members cardinally. SNC is especially designed to work with medium and large local area networks, but it is also convenient for small local networks consisting of two and up to several dozens of computers. Due to SNC, your employees will be able to exchange text messages and files and to discuss different items with users
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CryptoExpert Express  CryptoExpert Express 2.07
CryptoExpert Express is easy to use on the fly encryption software with user friendly interface. Uses strong AES encryption to protect important files and has ability to create large encrypted volumes up to 512 Mb
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Chilkat Java Encryption Library  Chilkat Java Encryption Library 4.0
The Chilkat Java encryption library provides an advanced API for symmetric encryption, public-key encryption, digital signatures, hashing, and encoding/decoding.
java, encryption, aes, blowfish, rijndael, oma, drm, pki, pkcs, digital signature,

Cipherlok  Cipherlok 2.1
Cipherlok is a data security product that provides easy to use yet highly secure encryption of files on your PC using Blowfish. Files or folders can be encrypted directly by right clicking them within Windows explorer and selecting Cipherlok. Files can also be automatically encrypted at shutdown and decrypted at startup ensuring total security. Secure file deletion is also a feature. Cipherlok can use passwords or our USB Tokens for access.
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Private Encryptor  Private Encryptor 6.2
Utilize the latest in encryption technology to protect your sensitive data. Privacy tools include file/folder encryption, e-mail encryption, file/folder shredder, file/folder Backup with auto encryption, My Passwords, My Private Notes, Compression, Context Menu support, Stealth Media Encryption super speed for large image multimedia and exe files. Registered version has DES, and Blowfish encryption, stronger encryption available as an add on.
encryption, encrypt, email, privacy, password, stealth, shredder, self decrypting executables, file, folder,

SecureBridge  SecureBridge 2.00
SecureBridge is a library of nonvisual components for Delphi, Delphi for .NET and C++Builder. They provide support for secure connection with remote services using SSH protocol. It is enough to place components that implement functionality of the client and storage, and specify the server adress and the user login information to establish secure connection.
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CryptoDisk  CryptoDisk 1.2
CryptoDisk is a powerful tool for creating and managing virtual encrypted disks (encrypted volumes). It creates encrypted volume within a file on a hard drive or any external data storage device (flash memory card, USB drive, etc) and then mount it as a real disk. All the data are automatically encrypted using your password right before they are saved to disk or decrypted right before they are loaded, without any user intervention.
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CryptoCrat 2005  CryptoCrat 2005 4.61
CryptoCrat 2005 encrypts multiple files into one single solid encrypted archive using all strong encryption algorithms known today including AES!. It transforms files data into gabberish undecipherable by others. If the scrambling of the data is done properly, the original file can only be unscrambled and read by someone who knows the secret key i.e. the code used to encrypt the file. Handy interface like Windows Explorer. Secure files deletion.
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  PowerKey 2.0
PowerKey is an advanced encryption toolkit with many unique features which you won't come across in other products of such a kind available online. PowerKey uses encryption types, which comply with U.S. export restrictions. It allows you to perform block encryption of files and folders with any of the 8 well-known crypto algorithms (Blowfish, Cast, 3Des, Des, Gost, RC2, Rijndael, Twofish).
security, encrypt, encryption, wipe, sfx, rc2, des, blowfish, gost, cast,

VIP Files Protector  VIP Files Protector 1.0
VIP Files Protector is mighty encryption and shredding software which can make you absolutely sure that all personal and business information stored in your computer is fully confidential. Shred, hide, encrypt and decrypt files, folders and drives in a click with algorithms used in DOD and CIA. Make your personal information and crucial documents private and secure with VIP Files Protector!
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  Chilkat Encryption .NET Component 2.2.0
Chilkat Crypt is an advanced .NET encryption component that offers both RSA public-key encryption with digital signatures as well as symmetric encryption algorithms including AES (Rijndael), Blowfish, and Twofish. In addtion to encryption, you can create digital signatures for files or memory data, or verify digital signatures against incoming data or files. It allows for the use of any Cryptographic Service Provider, including Smart Cards.
component, encryption, security, aes, rsa, public-key, rijndael, twofish, blowfish, digital,


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