.: Buffer (Clipboard Manager) 2.01

   Extended Windows Clipboard. The software is intended to extend the standard Clipboard.
Features: saving the list of the latest Clipboard entries; setting the number of saved items; supports storing and pasting the Clipboard contents in any format (text, images, files, raster and vector graphics, MS Office objects and many other user-defined formats of the Clipboard which are special for different programs); pasting the data directly from any position of the Clipboard list into any application; pasting the data applying the format it was copied in; previewing the Clipboard item as a hint using keyboard shortcuts; fixing the frequently used data for them not to be deleted from the list; fixing the items positions in the list to open the data using shortcuts; deleting any item from the list; copying any data from the list to the Windows Clipboard without pasting it into the application; quick data pasting according to the number in the list; setting up the filtering of certain Clipboard formats; setting up the filtering of all data in the current Clipboard according to the selected formats; automatic program startup; setting up the features, main shortcuts, interface (color, font); intuitively understandable and easy-to-use program with a nice interface; changing and saving the program location at your desire.
You must have copied information such as a text, graphics, files or some other specific objects, to the Clipboard and then pasted it into the proper application. But it may turn out that you have to use the already pasted information one more time. And in this case you have to type the necessary text again or to perform the Copy-Paste operations again. Why would you waste your time on the routine work, if you could avoid it using this program? The program is a useful tool for various users such as secretaries, accountants, programmers, designers, architects, administrators, and others who work with texts, raster or vector graphics as well as with other objects.


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