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EyeShield  EyeShield 1.4
We all know that it's good to take breaks during prolonged periods of monitor use. But what's really happening when we overexert ours eyes? Staring at your monitor can lead to a variety of ailments, including headaches, eyestrain, blurred vision, dry and irritated eyes, slow refocusing, neck and/or backache, sensitivity to light, double vision and color distortion. Take advantage of EyeShield break reminder installed to your work station.
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MarVoSym  MarVoSym 3.00
The Windows True Type Symbol Font MARVOSYM.TTF is a valuable addition for any office or civil engineering purpose. It contains often-needed but rarely available symbols as Fax Machine, Answering Machine, Cellular Phone, Steel Profile Symbols, the original Euro Currency Symbol and lots more.
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Blaxton Pet Organizer  Blaxton Pet Organizer 1.3
Blaxton Pet Organizer is a simple application created to make the management of pet care as easy as possible. When the program is started it automatically checks for overdue treatments, reminders and maintenance. It can be used to track vet treatments, maintenance tasks e.g. Aquarium water changes, worming pills, etc. The user can use the ready made queries provided to see what tasks are due (or overdue!) or even create new queries of their own.
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Eyes Care  Eyes Care 1.0
Eyes Care is designed for the computer users to protect eyes while using computers, especially for those who usually keep sitting in front of a computer for more than 1 hour. While using computers, either playing games or designing or programming, users are always "forgetting" the time. It is dangerous for us to neglect the damage to health caused by the long time sitting and staring. Eyes Care gives us a chance to avoid our problem...
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EZ-Forms-CARE  EZ-Forms-CARE 5.50.ec.220
California Real Estate Forms, FormFiller, Printer, Viewer. . Forms were adapted by EZ-Forms. . Contains 272 approved contract forms. . PDF compatible output available. ... More@ http://ez-forms.com/care
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  Home Health Care Management 02
Home health care management is a unique tool that will help you keep track of important dates. Home Health Care Management help you keep track of things that home health care workers must be updated regularly. Reminders are given regularly for physicals, nursing licence renewels, TB tests, cpr recertifications, and background checks. Reminders can also be set up for customers who need to be checked at regular intervals.
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Automotive Wolf  Automotive Wolf 4.4993
Total Car Care Software for any vehicle owner. Easily track repairs, maintenance, fuel usage, operating costs and much more. Setup your own maintenance reminders or let our built-in advisor configure each vehicle for you. Includes functional gauges to monitor maintenance, a Health Status Meter to measure overall condition, a detailed Cost Analysis Package and Infotraxx TSB access. Its the best investment you can make in your vehicle.
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Eyes Dropper  Eyes Dropper 3.0
Eyes Dropper will help you to remind about a rest-time and safe your eyesight, vision and health from computer influence. This software allows you to customize the duration of your work time and length of breaks. Video Exercises show you eaxamples of eye training that ease eye discomfort caused by computer use, eye strain and eye fatigue.
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Auto Wolf Mobile Edition for Pocket PC  Auto Wolf Mobile Edition for Pocket PC 1.06
The Complete Car Care Software for your Pocket PC. Use your PDA at home, on the road, or anywhere to record all your important vehicle information and cost related data. Easily track all your car maintenance, fuel usage, operating expenses and much more. Setup your own maintenance reminders, create your own gauges or check your fuel economy. Designed by experts for any car or truck owner, its the best investment you can make in your vehicle.
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Fishdom  Fishdom 1.1
Progress through challenging boards and solve immersive puzzles to earn cash. Use the money to buy eye-candy fish, attractive ornaments and accessories for your dream aquarium. Win awards and upgrade your virtual tank as you perfect your aquarium design skills and have fun with the lovely fishy sims. Being a unique fusion of classic game play with brilliant new ideas, this game will bring you lots of joyful moments!
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Health Care Icons  Health Care Icons 2007.6
Health Care Icons is a fine set of sleek and rich-colored icons depicting health service matters. Crafted with much inspiration by professional designers, these icons will play a crucial role in creating captivating appearance for your application or website. Icons come in such sizes as 16x16, 24x24, 32x32 and 48x48. There is also 256x256 for Windows Vista. They are provided in all popular formats in 256 colors or 32-bit with semi-transparency.
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BrightCar Car Maintenance Software  BrightCar Car Maintenance Software
Manage your vehicle maintenance schedule, track expenses and monitor your car's performance. Setup takes about 5 minutes thanks to a proprietary database of 10,000+ pre-loaded maintenance plans, based on manufacturer-recommended plans. Plans are fully customizable. Automatic service reminders prompt you about upcoming maintenance items. Track operating costs and performance (MPG). Keep all your car's information in one central place - BrightCar!
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NetAlert Family Safety  NetAlert Family Safety 2.00
NetAlert Family Safety is an all-in-one PC/Internet activity monitor. Protect your family from online threats. Secretly record all user activity including web browsing, email, chat, instant messaging, system, applications, keystrokes, screen capture and printing, all saved to a daily report which can be automatically emailed. Features include the ability to filter harmful websites, record system logon times and a log manager.
net, alert, windows, family, safety, supervisor, activity, monitor, spy, log,

Revitol Review Resource  Revitol Review Resource 1.0
An interesting Revitol Review - A Revitol products review by a 39 year old lady who tested the Anti-aging and Cellulite solution and...
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Perfect Medical Icons  Perfect Medical Icons 2009.1
If you are developing applications for the medical industry or working on a health-related website, but aren't particularly skilled in visual arts and don't have much time to hire a designer, entrust this part of your project into the hands of professionals who have already done a great job designing the Perfect Medical Icons set! Each image is provided in a number of resolutions, color depths and states. Go ahead and check them out right away!
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