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RubricBuilder  RubricBuilder 4.1.0
The Rubric Builder is a tool for helping teachers create rubrics quickly and easily. Contains thousands of courses and criteria to choose from. Ontario version contains the actual Ministry expectations. Content covers grades 4 through 12. The database of Criteria statements, each with 4 levels of description, is searchable by keyword, and assessment type. The resulting rubric can be printed or exported to MS Word or Corel Wordperfect.
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The World of Medical Transcription  The World of Medical Transcription 1.0
Medical transcriptionists are now medical language specialists/word editors. With some humor, the article explains jobs for Certified Medical Transcriptionists in todays healthcare, where they participate in educated risk management as a whole team.
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Memorization Master  Memorization Master final
Memory and attention development/testing software. Now anyone who claims that he can memorize things can be tested by our "Memorization Master". The program tests: Memorization volume, Memorization reliability, Memorization speed. These characteristics are automatically summarized in the "Memorization skill increase" index (as compared to the norm).
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CopTrain  CopTrain 2.14.14
If you appreciate the importance of maintaining complete and accurate training records in your agency, then you will quickly realize that CopTrain is an essential software application for your training needs and requirements! CopTrain is a powerful, sophisticated, and flexible software program, yet it is very easy to learn and use. CopTrain has MANY features that effectively address your training records needs. Download and find out yourself!
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GolfCalc for Windows  GolfCalc for Windows 2.8
GolfCalc for Windows uses the index-based golf handicapping standards to calculate course handicaps and track scores for up to 300 golfers on up to 200 courses. New features include long golfer names, hole-by-hole scoring, and more!. Easy-to-use, Windows interface for adding, editing scores and courses. Allows golfers of different playing levels to compete evenly. Runs in Windows 98, NT, 2000, 2003, ME and XP.
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Alpha Scuba Log  Alpha Scuba Log 3.6
Popular scuba diving software log and image collection for Windows. Written by professional developers and divers. Covers modules: diving log, equipment records and history, species image gallery, certifications, divers/students, medical records, multiple image formats - all in one package! Multiple logs supported. Lightweight and easy to use and install - ideal for use on a portable laptop computer. Entire logs can be sent by e-mail.
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IQMS Toolbar  IQMS Toolbar 1.0
The iQms toolbar works with your web browser to give you quick access to the range of iQms quality management courses and iQms information. Quickly and easily find available courses. Search for courses directly from your desktop. View schedules for regional courses. Search the internet with the Google search option.
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First Aid CPR  First Aid CPR 9.09fac
First: aid. First aid. Lifesaver: life saving. Emergency: you step in. Are your first aid skills up for it? Are you ready?
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  Medical Terms Course #1, Basics 7.13
Medical Terms courses. Definitions w. pronunciation for professionals and students. Earn 10 CEUs for each course. Course-1: Basic word definitions and constructions. Course-2: Anatomy and Physiology. Course 3: Disorders and Diseases. No need to wait, start in 40 minutes. Free live demo of complete Basic Word Definitions chapter.
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