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e-mix   e-mix "home edition"
e-mix "home edition" is the best DJ Tool for mp3 lover, newcomer DJs, bars and discos who wanna mix sound without large investments. The userfriendly surface secures a safe entry into the world of music mixes. Sound mixing becomes a pleasure and due to the auto-mixing mode it is an absolute ingenious software running by mouse-click. Get the ultimative mixing tool of e-mix, the "home edition" and become a dj star of tomorrow! NEW RELEASE OUT NOW!
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RockN DJ  RockN DJ 7.1
Perfect for beginners and old seasoned DJ pros (or folks, like me, that enjoy playing around with the COOLEST software)! All you need now to mix music is a regular computer system with a sound card! RockN DJ provides you with a 3 track MP3 player, tempo and playback rate control, cross-fader, option to insert/ play "samples" into your audio stream and just so much more it's really hard to believe.
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