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Beautiful Fractals  Beautiful Fractals 1.0
Spectacular views of beautiful views of natural fractal patterns. The pictures are accompanied by an acoustically based digital soundtrack, and all images are captioned. The advanced screen saver engine includes a Wallpaper feature allows you to select any image in the screen saver as your Desktop Wallpaper, i.e., the Background Image.
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Seractal Fractal Screensaver  Seractal Fractal Screensaver 4.1
Seractal ScreenSaver uses the beauty of fractals to create a wide variety of full-screen images, with virtually unlimited variety in its colors and designs.
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Projectile math for kids  Projectile math for kids 10
The Awesome Library contains a collection of hundreds of math lesson and games. The site includes math lesson plans contributed Missouri teachers for grades 3-12. View our collection of 524 lessons for preK-12 math educators. Learn about NCTM's Principles and Standards for School Mathematics. This unit is divided into six lessons. The lessons integrate math, science, geography, and language arts in the process of teaching and learning Mathematics
the awesome library contains a collection of hundreds of math lesson and games. the site includes math lesson plans contributed missouri teachers for grades 3-12. view our collection of 524 lessons for prek-12 math educators. learn about nctm's principles and standards for school mathematics. this unit is divided into six lessons. the lessons integrate math, science, geography, and language arts in the process of teaching and learning mathematics lessons for elementary school, middle school fractals, fractals, other math lessons.,

ArtWonk  ArtWonk 2.0
ArtWonk produces MIDI music and paint graphics based on algorithmic rules you interactively create by connecting modules (graphical objects representing functions and processes) in real time, adjusting the parameters as you go, in an interactive drag & drop environment especially designed to be fast to learn, fast to use. Not a set of canned me-too riffs or rules, but an open ended palette of composing modules to powerfully boost your creativity.
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Redecorator Fractal Wallpaper Manager  Redecorator Fractal Wallpaper Manager 1.3
Redecorator can change your desktop wallpaper as often as you like, as well as create seamless tiles and beautiful fractals.
wallpaper, desktop, background, fractal, fractals,

Fractal Flurries  Fractal Flurries 1.0
Snowflakes... no two are ever alike. Now you can enjoy the marvels of snowflakes without going out in the cold. The Fractal Flurries screen saver displays endless falling snow over whimsical winter backgrounds or your own desktop. Each snowflake pattern is mathematically generated from thousands of possibilities for a truly one-of-a-kind show. Works with or without DirectX.
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Fractal eXtreme  Fractal eXtreme 1.902
Fractal eXtreme is a fast, easy to use fractal exploration program for Windows, especially Windows XP. Fractal eXtreme features real-time interactive zooming on the Mandelbrot set and many other fractals, an innovative palette editor, multi-level undo, anti-aliased fractal images, and effortless creation of stunning zoom movies. Just double-click, mouse-wheel, and mouse drag your way into the depths of fractal images.
fractals, fast, deepzoom, mandelbrot, julia, chaos, graphics,

Fractal_Mandala Screensaver  Fractal_Mandala Screensaver 1.7
Fractal_Mandala screensaver shows mandala collected from fractals images. This screensaver renders psychodelic influence. Animated mandala from fractals. Fractal_ Mandala it can be used during reflection as object to focus attention. Symmetric geometrical forms Fractal_ Mandala tend to draw attention of eyes to the center. Fractal_ Mandala enables to identify disorders and to reach integrity in individuality.
psychedelic, screensaver, animated, mandala, fractals,

WinCIG  WinCIG 2.00
WinCIG CHAOS IMAGE GENERATOR v2.00 Win32 application that creates chaos images. Very easy to use because of sophisticated automizations. Many options available for expert users. New: Usability improved! Hardware req.: PC with WinXP/2k/Me/98/95/NT Recommended: Pentium or better, 32+ MB RAM, 256 colours or better, mouse. FREEWARE! Internet: http://www.th-soft.com/a Installer included,no installation required: Unzip and run!
chaos images, fractals, mandelbrot,

SoftStep  SoftStep 3.2
SoftStep is a modular MIDI step sequencer and algorithmic composing program patterned somewhat after the modular analog step sequencers. The big ones, with lots of knobs and blinky lights. Graphicaol modules connect together to produce a MIDI data stream that can drive any MIDI synthesizer or sound card. It will make a standard MIDI file for your web page, to insert into your music notation sequencer, or just play with any MIDI file player.
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Fractal Wallpaper  Fractal Wallpaper 1.0
Fractal Wallpaper is a cool program that creates beautiful fractals in real time and sets them as your wallpaper. You can run the program and let it create amazing pictures in time intervals you define. All the fractals that the program creates are made in real time and are totally unique - the images are created on your computer. Fractal wallpaper is completely free.
wallpaper, fractals, mandelbrot, julia,

Tradingbasis - Tools for Amibroker  Tradingbasis - Tools for Amibroker 3.26
The Tradingbasis Tools for Amibroker are designed to improve your trading performance significantly and to make it much easier than ever before to find profitable trading patterns. The Tool Collection includes the following tools: Tradingbasis Price chart, Pattern Recognition 1 & 2, Support and Resistance, Fractals, Taio Indicator, Taio Price Chart, Rainbow Chart, Candlestick Recognition, Fibonacci Recognition, Guppy MMA, and more.
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M3DSaver  M3DSaver 1.03
M3DSaver is a Windows screensaver that uses fractals and 3D graphics. The program shows realistic 3-D objects - tubes that are painted with fractal images, giving a new look at Mandelbrot and Julia Set, the well-known fractals. The screen is redrawn at user-specified intervals, rendering a new image each time. Program includes configuration dialog callable from Control Panel/Display Properties Utility.
screensaver, fractals, 3d graphics, mandelbrot,

NuGenFractalX  NuGenFractalX
NuGenFractalX is Fractal visualization and generation application for the .Net platform. You will find it to be fast, extremely customizable and best of all; support for numerous Fractal Sets as well as custom sets is supported.Fractal sets can be saved, zoomed, rotated, manipulated with unlimited color views and gradients and also exported as multiple image types.
fractals, mathematics, rendering,

BankStep  BankStep 2.1
BankStep is a software emulation of hardware bank sequencers found in the big analog synthesizers, that produce control for the sound but not the sound itself. Instead of analog control voltages BankStep produces MIDI (and can make standard MIDI music files). Otherwise, BankStep functionally emulates a monster bank of hardware sequencers and support modules just as it might sit on top of a big Moog - or your soft synth, MIDI module or sound card.
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