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Sitekeeper  Sitekeeper 3.5
Sitekeeper makes the essentials of systems management quick, affordable, and as easy as clicking your mouse. Staying on top of patches and software licenses are vital to keeping your site safe, legal and in compliance. Automate your systems management the affordable and easy way with Sitekeeper 3.5!
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WinINSTALL Desktop Availability Suite is the most easy-to-use, single solution for MSI Packaging, Patch Management, Software Distribution, Asset Management, License Compliance checking. WinINSTALL has no connectors or costly Add-Ons. Built by administrators for administrators. WinINSTALL implements an award-winning software packager and infrastructure for managed software deployment while providing a reduced TCO.
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License Patrol  License Patrol 3.14
Comprehensive software tracking, metering and concurrent license management solution for every IT environment. Brings convenience of software metering to small and mid size businesses. IT managers will know what software is being used, who uses software, and what is the demand for each product. All kinds of business decisions can be made based on this information. With License Patrol you can switch to concurrent software licensing model.
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statlook  statlook 2.1
statlook is a software tool for Internet usage monitoring, application usage tracking and work time control. statlook helps you can keep an eye on every detail of PC and user activity connected to your corporate network. You can monitor work time, benchmark employee efficiency and gain remote control over their desktops not having to move from your seat. In-depth reports give you full insight into your employees' activities.
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INSYSTEK Control Center  INSYSTEK Control Center 4.2.0
INSYSTEK® Control Center provides the ability to deploy software applications, security patches and more to your environment. Automatically discover assets, determine software usage and license tracking. INSYSTEK® Control Center complete IT control starts today. Deploy necessary software applications, patches, critical updates and more. Automatically locate IT assets, audit them for full hardware and software configurations.
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The INSYSTEK® NSMC provides the capability to monitor both servers and desktops for real-time performance, distribute software applications and security patches, and automate asset discovery. Software usage and license tracking features deliver the ability to effortlessly ensure organization-wide IT compliance and automatically track changes to individual IT assets throughout their lifecycle. Contact Support@Insystek.com for license file
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