.: Nokia N95

Expenses  Expenses 1.0
Expenses software for Series 60.3 smartphones manages your expenses for you. You can use full customisable expenses types, multiple currencies, divide your expenses into private and business expenses. You can create expenses reports on the screen in order to keep your budget under control, see expenses total with one click, export your expenses for the period needed to MS Excel format and manage them further on PC.
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AutoThemes  AutoThemes 1.0
AutoTheme is a cute theme scheduler for Nokia Smartphones. Application changes themes automatically, according to the active profile or user defined time schedule. Differentiate your phone according time and location. Theme changer rules are totally adjustable, with ability to activate or deactivate the rule with one key pressing, edit time or condition of theme change.
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PhoneWallet  PhoneWallet 1.0
PhoneWallet secures your confidential info on mobile phone. The information is password protected. Now have to remember only one password to access all your data. There is the default list of folders and items but you can easily delete or customize all the folders, items and fields to adjust the app to your needs. Application will be locked in background or autolocked after it is some time unused to protect all your data and keep it safe.
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Auto Profiles  Auto Profiles 2.0
Auto Profiles for Series 60 v.3 change profiles on your Nokia smartphone according to your schedule and calendar meetings. Auto Profiles features: -Automatic profile and bluetooth timer -Change to selected profile during a meeting in the calendar -Scheduling of mobile native and of user defined profiles -Profile deactivation time can be chosen -Overlapping scheduling not a problem due to different priorities for schedule conditions
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Currencies  Currencies 1.0
Currencies gets real time exchange rates from European Central Bank directly to your mobile. You only have to activate and tune the GPRS connection. All exchange rates available on your mobile phone. You can add your own Currencies, set exchange rates and convert them into the predefined one.
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