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Password Saver  Password Saver 3.2.8
This powerful, easy-to-use software lets you store all your passwords in a secure, centralized database on your hard drive or a removable media disk. Your password database is protected using 256-bit AES/Rijndael encryption or CryptoAPI, ensuring only you can access your passwords. Also, since you no longer need to remember your passwords, you can generate random alphanumeric passwords proven to be far more secure than human-generated ones.
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Password Safeguard  Password Safeguard 1.0.1
Password Safeguard is the perfect tool for storing all your most sensitive and valuable information like passwords, logins, pin codes and access codes as well as credit card and account numbers, lock combinations etc. It creates a reliable and well protected database which you can conveniently search and get the right information in no time. No more lost or forgotten passwords! Fast and reliable access to the necessary information!
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BioKeyLogon  BioKeyLogon 2.0
BioKeyLogon - add keystroke dynamics authentication to standard Windows authentication procedure during logon. It is based on the fact that different people type in uniquely characteristic manners. nioKeyLogon allows you to increase Windows password protection and works in a hidden mode. With BioKeyLogon, it's very easy to create new biometric passwords and control local system users.
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