.: Robocopy

File Sync  File Sync 3.2.0
File Sync is a robust file sync solution that automates the synchronization of data between Windows NT4/2000/XP/2003 servers without agents or scripts, File Sync not only synchronizes files and folders, but also migrates NTFS permissions, file shares, file share permissions, local users and groups, and compression settings.
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HTA Backup Utility  HTA Backup Utility 0.95
This is a frontend for Robocopy. Used to backup local directories to your network. This can be automatic or manual backups. This utilizes vbscript and HTA.
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Network File Monitor Pro  Network File Monitor Pro 2.26.8
Data replication, backup and synchronization software for networks. Has flexible scheduler settings and numerous functions: file copying and moving inside LAN, HTTP, FTP and E-mail file transfer, launching programs, sending message between computers, sending E-mail messages. Works as Windows NT service.
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