.: S60 Software

AutoThemes  AutoThemes 1.0
AutoTheme is a cute theme scheduler for Nokia Smartphones. Application changes themes automatically, according to the active profile or user defined time schedule. Differentiate your phone according time and location. Theme changer rules are totally adjustable, with ability to activate or deactivate the rule with one key pressing, edit time or condition of theme change.
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BT Guard  BT Guard 1.0
BT Guard application is an auto turn off tool for your Bluetooth. BT Guard secures your mobile from unauthorized Bluetooth access. BT Guard changes your Bluetooth status automatically according to your settings, making your phone invulnerable and saves your battery life. You define which status should the BT have (BT off or BT invisible) and when BT status should change. BT Guard will also ask you for confirmation.
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AfterCall  AfterCall 1.0
AfterCall is a convenient call, contacts and messages manager available right after the call. AfterCall application performs various actions after call ends. You can quickly send the SMS, MMS messages right after your call. Without unnecessary movements you can add number to your contact list or make a new note, calendar meeting or task. You can set the type of calls after which the software will be activated.
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