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SVG Import/Export Converter  SVG Import/Export Converter 1.6.7
Most desktop and internet publishing programs have the ability to read and write Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files. SVG is a language for describing two-dimensional graphics and graphical applications in XML. SVG Converter allows to import SVG files to VGEdit format and vice versa export VGEdit documents to SVG format.
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  MegaMatcher AFIS SDK 1.1
MegaMatcher AFIS SDK is intended for development of large-scale AFIS for civil, law-enforcement and forensic apps. Matches rolled and flat fingerprints. Includes: API for latent fingerprint editor, fault-tolerant scalable AFIS cluster software and .NET components for rapid development of client side software. WSQ library and modules for conversion between MegaMatcher template, ANSI/NIST ITL-1-2000 and ANSI/INCIST 378 2004 standards are included.
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RFC Browser Standard Edition  RFC Browser Standard Edition 3.5
RFC Browser is the most powerful utility to view RFCs that renders RFCs into HyperRFCs: intra-RFC and inter-RFC hyperlinking, Colorful, Visual, Scalable. Hyper: RFC Browser provides an alternative way to view RFC texts - rendering them into HyperRFCs with intra-RFC and inter-RFC hyperlinks. Colorful: Users can assign different fonts to RFC files. Visual: provides tree views to facilitate browsing. Scalable: Hide Headers/Footers/blank lines.
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  Nexgen Server SDK 3.2
The Nexgen Server SDK delivers a set of tools to help C and/or C++ developers quickly add server functionality to new or existing projects. Through the use of the SDKs functions and user-callbacks, developers are given complete control over the type of server they wish to implement. TCP/IP, FTP, Redirect, and UDP servers are all supported.
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Backup File Access Manager  Backup File Access Manager 3.15.6
File access manager protects mission critical data and safeguard data by running scheduled backups during off-hour times when networks guaranteed to be dormant. Advanced caching methods protect backups from corruption and keep relational file integrity.
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WinINSTALL MSI Packager Professional  WinINSTALL MSI Packager Professional 9.5
Scalable WinINSTALL MSI Packager Professional provides the most popular and comprehensive software packaging solution on the market. It has a complete set of features to create Windows Installer (MSI) files from existing software installations and to modify existing Windows Installer packages using transforms. Unlike other packaging tools WinINSTALL is ideal for IT administrators while powerful enough for developers.
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SiteSpinner Pro  SiteSpinner Pro 2.91
Virtual Mechanics SiteSpinner Pro is a web authoring tool that makes it easy to design sites that are optimized for the desktop and mobile devices without having to know HTML. Opera Browser technology enables the user to design and preview web pages as they'll look on all devices. Separate desktop and mobile layouts can be published as a single file, or as mobile-only formatted pages. SiteSpinner Pro publishes to HTML, Animated DHTML, and SVG.
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