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DIR2HTML creates an HTML index from a file system directory. This is useful for building file lists, cataloging contents of CD-ROMS, etc. The program can index either a single directory or multiple directories at once recursively. When operating in recursive mode, a separate index is generated for each subdirectory. A very versatile program!
index, directory, convert, html, url, dir2html,

IEHistoryView  IEHistoryView 1.33
This utility reads all information from the history file created by Internet Explorer, and displays the list of all URLs that you have visited in the last few days.
internet explorer, history, browser, url, autocomplete, visited, typed urls,

  Mihov Info Saver 0.3
Protect yourself from the crashes! Mihov Info Saver enables you to 'enhance' clipboard to more one-line entries. By copying and pasting from clipboard you can save URLs, links, normal text or any information you want. The good thing is that this information will be available to you even after the system has been restarted or even after a crash!
url, info, save, clipboard, utility, link, help, copy, paste, more,

MightyLinker  MightyLinker 1.9
MightyLinker is power and easy to use URL manager that provides you facilities to collect Internet links and easy find and handle collected links. MightyLinker allows you share Internet links with your friends. MightyLinker based on power and fast database engine and gives you real power and flexibility for working with your links. If you collect your links with MightyLinker you'll be able use its in any Web Browser and in any other program!
internet, bookmarks, urls, links, bookmark, url, link, organizer, organizers, manager,

Internet Book  Internet Book 5.1
INTERNET BOOK for Windows . Whether you are an Internet experienced user or just a beginner Internet Book is for you. It gives you an easy way to gather information about all the Internet Resources: World-Wide Web Pages, Gophers, Archie Servers, FTP Sites, E-Mail Addresses, and News Groups. All your information about the Internet can now be stored at one place and easily retrieved! Supports all browsers.
internet, bookmark, web, intranet, sites, url,

En-De-Code.exe  En-De-Code.exe 1.0
Protect email addresses, URLs, and other HTML page content from web harvesters. Conceal contents of payment buttons and affiliate links from casual snoops. Hide critical data from browser address window and status bar. Examples of URL redirects, FORMs, and host scripts are given in the HELP file. Recover your original text from encoded web pages in case you lost your originals. Note that nothing will stop professional hackers.
encode, decode, decimal, hexadecimal, html, url, affiliate-link,

Ace FREE Domain Name Tool - Mozzle Std  Ace FREE Domain Name Tool - Mozzle Std 2.30
Find the ultimate domain name using simple or advanced search features such as independent word groups with positional and optional/mandatory settings, optional hyphens and word and length restrictions. Mozzle also includes direct registration of available domain names, sorting, printing and exporting search results, a domain name detail search, over 400 domains, configurable search performance, custom word lists and domain selections, and more!
domain, name, search, whois, utility, tool, web, address, url, generate,

Shortcut Explorer  Shortcut Explorer 3.0
Shortcut Explorer version 3.0 looks a lot like Windows Explorer and is intended for shortcut file management. The columns in the right pane show, for each shortcut file, the information from the Properties page (target, directory, hotkey, etc.). Shortcut files can be manipulated similar to Windows Explorer. Shortcuts can also be tested. Now includes Favorites menu, with Start Menu, Quick Launch, and other system folders automatically added.
shortcut, start menu, desktop, favorites, lnk, pif, url,

LinkyCat  LinkyCat 1.21
Do you visit a lot of websites every day? Do you use several browsers or work with several computers? Do you exchange favorite bookmarks with friends? If so, you need a browser-independent bookmark manager! With LinkyCat, you can forget about synchronizing bookmarks in different browsers or on different computers, you will be able to easily give your friends your bookmarks and you can open all the sites that you frequently visit with one click.
bookmark manager, bookmark management, bookmark, bookmarks, shortcut, favorites, favorite, fav, link, links,

  Able Submitter 2.2
Able Submitter is a industrial strength program made for the more demanding Webmaster.
free, submitter, submit, software, url, safe, soft, able, freeware, program,

IEMonitor  IEMonitor 2.4
When you browsing internet, normally you will open more than one browser windows, and click one by one in the task bar to see which window is done. IEMonitor will monitor the Downloading Status of each window. When you open a new window, IEMonitor will add a new item in the Monitor window,which includes Title,URL,Status and Duration,thus you can easily know all the windows you opened and their status, then you can directly click the item which status is "Done" to activate this window to browse. Key Features: * Delete IE Tracks:History, Cookies, Temporary Internet Files and Typed URLs * Monitor IE Browser:List all the browser window's Title, URL, Status and Duration * Click to activate browser window: In the window list, you can click one item to activate this window to browse * Right-Click to close browser window * Shortcut to Web sites: You can add your Favorite web sites into IEMonitor,then click to directly open Multi sites. * Open blank IE Window: Normally when you open an IE window, you must click the URL input area to set the focus there. IEMonitor will automatically set the focus to the URL input * Minimize all IE Browser windows * Hide all IE Browser windows * Close Pop-up windows
iemonitor, delete history, cache, cookies, monitor, ie, browsers, title, url, downloading,

Command Creator  Command Creator 3.0
Command Creator will help you create run-commands for use in the Start Menu´s Run dialog. The commands can launch programs, open folders, run files and launch URL´s. Fast Folders, which is a part of Command Creator, is a shell enhancement that gives you fast access to your favorite folders in Common Open/Save -dialogs, the desktop and in Explorer.
command creator, fast folders, run dialog, access, right click, shell enhancement, explorer, url, files, instant,

Extreme URL Generator  Extreme URL Generator 1.0
Extreme URL Generator is an easy way to generate and save a list of similar URLs. It provides clean and intuitive user interface that lets you generate hundreds and thousands of URLs with just a few mouse clicks. After the URL list is generated you can save it into a text file or copy it into the Windows clipboard with another mouse click.
url, address, http, internet, generator, creator, software, tool, utility, save,

JBlitz Professional  JBlitz Professional 5.1
Advanced load, performance and functional testing for your website, web service or web enabled application. JBlitz Pro 5.1 load tests your web software by simulating multiple concurrent virtual users whilst validating each response received. Fully featured (SSL, proxy, authentication, logging, graphing, stats, HTTP debugging etc). Includes a full Java API for customizing HTTP queries, verifying downloads and integrating with 3rd party software.
test, stress, load, stress test, load test, performance, tool, web, internet, url,

Utilities Suite  Utilities Suite 1.2.9
10 Utilities for 1 Price: Phone Mnemonics - Generate words from phone numbers, Epiphany Notes - Create sticky notes, IMDb Photo Trawler - Download movie star photos, Uptime Clock - Download.com Reviewed, Interest Calculator - Calculate for any sum, Factor Calculator - Listed on the Math Forum @ Drexel (Uni.), Prime Number Calculator, Hex to ASCII Converter, Primality Tester, and Google Submitter - Auto-submit to Google using a db. $4.95/10 utils
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