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iKey 2 for Mac OS X  iKey 2 for Mac OS X 2.2.2
iKey is an essential utility and incredibly powerful tool for OS X that can eliminate repetitive actions. iKey allows creation of shortcuts that perform an action or sequence of actions each of which can be launched by key combinations or menu or event. This easy to use macro/automation utility can save time, typing and hundreds of clicks everyday. Avoid carpal tunnel, get more accomplished and have fun with iKey. Manual written by Adam Engst.
automation, automator, control, macro, key, hotkey, iclock, applescript, menu, quickeys,

Privacy Eraser  Privacy Eraser 5.60
Privacy Eraser is an internet eraser that protects your privacy by permanently erase Internet history and past computer activities. Privacy Eraser completely implements the US Department of Defense DOD 5220.22 M and NSA clearing and sanitizing standard, gives you confidence that once deleted with Privacy Eraser, your file data is gone forever and can not be recovered.
internet eraser, evidence eliminator, internet privacy, protect privacy, security, evidence, eliminator, tracks, evidence, washing,

urlShop  urlShop 2.0
urlShop 2.0 is a powerful and easy to use bookmark manager that can create entire snapshots of web pages without distortion. You can use urlShop 2.0 to control your favorite websites very easily, whether you're a novice or an expert. You can import from 'Favorites' or export your links to 'Favorites' through intuitive user interface quickly.
urlshop, 2, internet, screenshot, manager, browser, browsers, link, links, url,

  Linx 5.7 build 3250
This is a bookmark manager. It has Unicode and FTP support. It imports and exports links from major browsers. Exports links to customizable files and grabs links in open windows of browsers. Password protection for files, URL scanning, duplicate removal and URL validation are supported. Has advanced search features. Has Internet Explorer toolbar for easy browsing.
bookmark, manager, links, link, url, urls, validate, password, protection, import,

iOpus File and Website Downloader  iOpus File and Website Downloader 3.01
Automate, schedule and batch file and web page downloads with command line utility. Very easy to use and integrates well with batch files, windows scripts, visual basic or the windows task scheduler. Ideal for automatically downloading files, patches and for stress and load testing your download web server. A must have utility for every internet and system administrator tool box. Freeware!
file, download, web, page, batch, command, line, web, test, script,

IT Monitor  IT Monitor 3.0
IT Monitor is the leading solution for monitoring every aspect of your LAN and WAN network. It proactively manages your network servers, printers, network devices, databases and applications; It detects and corrects problems before network users start complaining. The product is extremely scalable. It's shipped with an impressive collection of pre-defined, built-in monitoring functions; When problems are detected, you're immediately notified
application monitoring, disk drives, cpu usage, disk spaces, ftp sites, http, icmp/ping, ms sql, nntp, ntds,

1 Click Sweep  1 Click Sweep 2.9
1 Click Sweep brings to you 10 + utilities that work together or separate so that no important traces are left after using the World Wide Web or your PC and other service that involves private data, identification and secure transfers of information. This is the application specially designed for all your privacy requirements. It can be used to safely wipe useless files or even clean traces of junk disk space and user activity.
privacy analyzer, stop intruders, delete, cache, history, url, clean data, recover space, cleanup, delete,

AKeeper  AKeeper 1.01
AKeeper is an easy to use Personal Password, Username and Serial Database. Use it to record all your usernames, passwords, urls, serials, registrations and more all in the one easy to use program.
akeeper, password, database, keeper, utility, website, url,

Paper Shredder  Paper Shredder 1.5
Paper Shredder for Windows. An easy to use Privacy utility which delete internet cache, history, cookies, location bar address, clear recent documents, media clips (Windows Media Player and RealPlayer) and Projects (Delphi, Visual Basic, Visual C++), empty recycle bin, delete temporary files, clear search history on Google Toolbar, block pop-up and pop-under ad windows, smart eject CD-ROM.
privacy, security, secure, clear, clean, internet, cache, history, temp, temporary,

! Custom Addressbook  ! Custom Addressbook 4.5
Intuitive, powerful, small, and extremely flexible Address Management program; unique, among the many apparently similar programs, in that it enables you to define your own addressbook fields and categories. Also: encryption, password protection, search (with various options), built-in backup, import from CSV; export to CSV, XML, HTML, TXT; auto-dial, active URLs, minimize to tray, run from floppy, XML, CSV, Asian fonts, Windows XP themes, etc.
address book, contact management, phone number, name, category, phone, password, birthday, xml, csv,

NetSpy  NetSpy 3.0
With NetSpy you can see what web sites others are accessing from a PC. NetSpy runs invisibly so the user surfing the internet has no idea that big brother is watching them! Parents, use NetSpy to see what web sites your children are visiting and how much time they are spending on the internet. NetSpy will also record every key that a user types...even passwords! You can even read their private email messages after they've been deleted!
internet, www, url, web, spy, monitor, password,

  InfoMagic 3.2
A Personal Memory Aid & Organizer for People Who Hate to Organize. The simplest, most straightforward, freeform way to keep track of the bits and pieces of facts, data, & information that swirl around your everyday life. Quickly locate any fact you've saved. A real Personal Information Manager/memory aid. Open, structure fits itself to you -- there's no trying to conform to somebody else's idea of how to save information.
searches, memory, journal, password, url, pim, recall, organizer, personal, information,

Internet Organizer  Internet Organizer 3.6
INTERNET ORGANIZER for Windows gives WEB users an easy way to gather and organize information about all the Internet Resources:WEB Pages, E-Mails, News Groups,.. Features: Allows you to quickly access the WEB using organizer IE browser and Handy Email. Customized display, complex filters, fast search, flexible reports, network aware. Generates WEB/HTML sites/pages; Supports entries from Scanners, Digital Cameras.
favorites, bookmarks, organize, web, sites, url, addresses, catalog,

CHAOS Submitter  CHAOS Submitter 2.7
CHAOS Submitter is a industrial strength program made for the more demanding Webmaster.
free, submitter, submit, software, url, safe, soft, able, freeware, program,

Url Spider Jeanie  Url Spider Jeanie
October Offer 50 % off - Discount Coupon = PETE-LSFQ-JSTD - Url Spider Jeanie extracted, spidered and indexed Url for your link pages, catalog system or search engine. In only a few day's you can index more than hundred thousand of url and exported these in your system. Jeanie Pro make it possible. With Url Spider Jeanie you can filter url after keywords. Of course you are able to lock out url's from the indexing.
spider, url, webspider, emailspider, email, spidering, jeanie, urlspider, software, windows,


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