.: Z-80

Rainbow IDE  Rainbow IDE 1.4
Rainbow IDE is a must-see assembly IDE for Windows XP, 98, ME, 2000, 95. It integrates with the M.E.S.S. emulator system for streamlined "source-to-running" in seconds! It includes various cross assemblers and lets you add other assemblers! Rainbow can build virtual floppy disks (.DSK) files and ROMs and emulate your software immediately! Most settings are accessible from the side panels. Talk about nice!
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A2 Oasis for Windows  A2 Oasis for Windows 2.5
Members of this program group are the following applications: * Apple II emulator (65c02 128K+ //e, all video modes, sound, CP/M card, serial card, clock, mouse, floppy and hard disk drives, etc.) * Disk Manager (directory list, copy, move, delete, convert files, search, execute associated commands, etc. for ProDOS and Apple DOS 3.3 formatted disk images) * Disk Server (remote ProDOS hard disk in disk image file)
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